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Vision and mission

🚀 The MMK Academy's services:

Success is defined not only by what you know but how well you can communicate that what you know and the people your networks too.

🗣️ Public Speaking Coaching

We help up-skill children and adults in three key areas, the 3 C's:

  1. Communication - improving both verbal and non-verbal modes
  2. Confidence - neutralising fears about your ability and converting this into aspiration
  3. Charisma - Helping you to improve your image, style and presence We run online and in-person courses, workshops and talks. We work with individuals, companies, charities and organisations.

🙋Political Engagement

We enable our network of high-achieving youths to improve their political awareness and boost their levels of engagement by:

  1. Holding events with expert speakers
  2. Connecting them to politicians, journalists and civil servants
  3. Holding educational workshops on politics

Our role is only to increase young people's access to politics and allow them to form their views, values and beliefs on their own.

💎 We look forward to enabling you to shine.


  • May 2017
    Our Founder, Mohammad started delivering public speaking workshops at schools and youth groups
  • March 2020
    MMK Public speaking founded
  • Sept 2020
    Wins the TransferWise 20 under 20 award
  • Dec 2020
    Rebrands to The MMK Academy offering a broader variety of courses beyond public speaking
  • March 2021
    Expand our services to work with charities, businesses and schools
  • January 2022
    Our founder was appointed as the UK’s head delegate for the G20’s official youth conference where he pushed to make public speaking training a core part of the curriculum
  • February 2023
    Held our political engagement flagship event at speakers house

Our team

Mohammad M KarimFounder  

Mohammad M Karim is a future Trainee at the global law firm Allen & Overy. He graduated with a First from the University of Warwick where he read Philosophy, Politics and Law (PPL). Moreover, in 2022 he was the UK's Head Delegate to the G20's Official Youth Conference and attended the Y20 Summit in Indonesia (Jakarta and Bandung).


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