My Path to Westminster - Encouraging More Muslims to Enter Politics

Wednesday, 22 February 2023

🚀‘… And it is my sincere hope that at least one of you will end up on the Green benches next door’.

🚨Last week, we did something pretty cool at the Houses of Parliament.

🏛️ The MMK Academy and The Muslim News enabled 100, talented, curious and aspirational young British Muslims to broaden their networks and heighten their passion for politics.

❤️Thanks to The Speaker of the House of Commons, who hosted us at Speakers House, young Muslims learnt about how they can forge a unique path to meaningfully engage with politics.

💎They listened to seven Muslim politicians talk about their journey and how their faith has been an asset. They had a chance to ask questions directly to the Lords and MPs and network with each other too.

🔑 This is just the start. I look forward to supporting, enabling and empowering more young people to enter politics by helping them to unlock their potential.

🦢We rise when we lift others

Check out the highlights video:


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