Speaking at Chatham House

On Wednesday 19th October, MMK spoke at Chatham House about youth engagement, representation and participation in politics.

Key points:

  1. Today we will discuss how more young people can elevate the issues they care about onto the national and international stage. And how we can empower our bright young talents of today to become politically engaged and influence our societies for the better.

2)The timing for this event could not be better, because youth disengagement from the political scene is ever-growing. And whilst youth engagement in politics is low, the greatest political challenges of today will often have the greatest impact on them.

3)Young people have been and continue to be disengaged, disenfranchised and disconnected from politics. Whether it be a lack of trust in politics or the belief that politics doesn’t change anything or the idea that no political party truly represents me, these are all extremely valid reasons to feel anger at the system.

4)Even if you don’t take an interest in politics, politics will always take an interest in you. So, no matter how much we are disconnected from politics, it will always influence our lives.

5)If you don’t raise your voice where it matters, others will write your destiny for you. Politics allows you to reclaim the remote control and direct the issues you care about in the direction you want.


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